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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 4 Issue 1 March 2017

Some Double Almost (𝝀𝒎𝝁𝒏) convergence in 𝝌𝟐−Riesz spaces defined by Musielak-Orlicz functions
Ayhan Esi and N. Subramanian

Bharat me Mahila Shaktikaran: Dasha and Disha
Dr. B. K. Chauhan

Non Stationary Noise Removal in Robust Speech Recognition
Monika Sharma, Neeru

Yaghvalay smriti ke Yavalayav ka sashiyatamak adhyaan
Umesh Kumar

A Review: Analysis the FIR filter using an Adaptive Techniques Method
Ravinder Kumar, Vikas Sharma & Dr. Kamal Kumar Sharma

Review: Design of FIR Filters with Arbitrary Amplitude and Phase Specifications using Optimization Technique
Dheeraj, Vikas Sharma

Review: Optimization the genetic and differential Evolution algorithms for digital SAW filter design
Meenakshi Chouhan, Sourabh Goel & Dr. Kamal Kumar Sharma

A Review: Energy Efficient Clustering Protocols In Wireless Communication
Jatin Kapoor, Vikas Sharma & Dr. Kamal Kumar Sharma

Precautionary Principal in Environmental Law
Dinesh Kumar

Usage of ICT Products And Services By The Research Scholars: A Case Study Of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak
Mithu Dey, Dr. Satish Kumar

Sequel Writing and Its Contours: A Par-adigmatic Study
Prof. Charles Joseph

Layered CSMA- A MAC protocol for multi-hop wireless sensor networks
Sonia, Vikas Malik

Virtual Machine Load Optimization in Cloud Computing
Vivek Jaglan

Review of Predictive Modeling on Crime against Women
Priya Gandhi, Shayog Sharma

Inter Carrier Interference (ICI) Cancellation in OFDM Systems: A Review
Er. Sukhjit Singh

Approach of Case Base Reasoning in Handling the Unavailable Information in Project Handover of Marketing Research Domain Tools Using Language- Based on Real Integrated Price Format
Anshula, Krishan Kumar

Approach of Agent Oriented Technology in Designing of Sale’s Tool in Pipe Manufacturing Industry
Akshat Agrawal

An Implementation of Grid Density Based Clustering Algorithm in Big Data
Preetishree Patnaik, Dr. Vivek Jaglan

A Review on Power Quality Issues and Corrective Measures
Gagandeep Kaur

Designing of IoT based Client Interaction Tools
Sushil Malik

Integral Transform of Fractional Derivatives
Dr. Dimple Singh

Agent Based System for Managing Of Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain Management Using CBR

A Review: Optimized BPSO Clustering Approach for Analysis of Data in Medical Field
Neetika, Gagan Kumar

Review of Algorithm Based on Semantic Similarity to Mine New Association Rules
Daljeet Kaur, Gagan Kumar

A Tree Based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol using Particle Swarm Optimization
Devarshi Dang, Gagan Kumar

Survey on Tree Based Energy Balanced Routing Protocols in WSNs
Devarshi Dang, Gagan Dhawan

A Comparative Study of Mental Toughness between Male, Female and Urban, Rural AIIU Gymnasts
Dr. Dolly, Amit Chhikara, Ashish

A Review of Image Compression Techniques
Rajesh, Gagan Kumar

Data Mining Techniques For Security Maintenance Using Multi Level Dependency
Sri. E. Ramesh, Dr. A. Sri Nagesh

Data Mining Techniques For Security Maintenance Using Multi Level Dependency
Sri. E. Ramesh, Dr. A. Sri Nagesh











































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