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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Special Issue: Engineering Research Aspects Feb 2015

Review of Symmetric Ciphers
Geeta Kocher

Hierarchical Routing Protocols in WSN: A Review
Shilpa Gambhir

A Wireless Sensor Network

Zone Routing Protocol
Diksha Jamwal

Forest Fire Forecasting using Machine Learning Technique with ANN Approach
Pooja Sharma

An Enhanced Wireless System for Enterprise Tracking and Monitoring
Subrata Roy

An Enhancement Approach for Finding Maximally Frequent set in Transactional Database

Enhancing Security of User Accounts against Phishing using Multi Stage Authentication
Venus Kour

Cyber Crime- The review
Mahak Arora

Cloud Computing & Its Deployment Models
Kanika Gulati

A Review on OLSR-An Optimized Routing Protocol for Vehicular Adhoc Networks
Ruchika Batra

PCA Based Improved Algorithm for Face Recognition

A Survey on Load Balancing Techniques in Wireless Networks
Priyanka Sachdeva

A Survey on Trust based routing in MANETs
Chahak Sharma

Two Level Security System Using MATLAB
Sunil Kumar Sharma

Review of SQL Injection Attack and Method for Detection and Prevention in ASP.NET Web Applications
Rahul Sharma

The Techniques and Applications of Digital Watermarking
Sheikh Imran

Cloud Computing - Technical Review
Rohit Narang

Improvement in Power Quality Problems Using Unified Power Quality Controller (UPQC)
Bilal Ahmad lone

Comparison of performance of various Protocols of ad-hoc network
Nipun Gupta

Analysis the Modeling and Control of Integrated STATCOM System to Improve Power System
Paramjit Singh

Review of Slip Power Recovery Scheme
Shiv Kumar

Investigation of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator with Grid Disconnection
Pardeep Kumar

Effect of ACO Parameters on Optimized Cost of Wireless Network
Pritishtha gupta

Stenography Techniques Using Cryptography-A Review Paper
Himanshi Sharma

A Survey on Cryptographic Techniques for Network Security
Ankit Garg

Methodology for implementation of cognitive radios using MATLAB
Nikita Sharma

Human identification based on Gait using Fuzzy Logic
Venus Kaur




































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