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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Special Issue: Conscientious and Unimpeachable Technologies 2016

Machine Learning in Big Data Analytics
Madhav Agarwal, Raj Kumar Maurya

Fault Detection and Location Finding In Power Transmission Lines
Mian Muhammad Kamal, Bakht Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Sajid Anwar, Muhammad Tufail

Self- Concept- A Person’s Concept of Self- Influence
Sanjeev Kumar Mishra

Mass Literacy Campaigns in Pre and Post-Independent Era of India
Dr. Pallvi Pandit

Comparison of Hindu and Muslim Girl’s Education
Kalpana Rani

Analysis of Cryptographic approaches
Bijeta Seth

A study on the scope of designing multifunctional products using traditional textiles of Himachal Pradesh India
Paramita Sarkar

Survey on Signature verification and recognition using SIFT and its variant
Upasna Jindal

Generating Indian Sign Language Text Using English/Hindi Text
Pawan Kumar, Savita Khatri

Nature-Inspired Algorithms: Critical Study
Shilpa Kukreja

Adjusted Price-Earnings Ratio: The Case of Pharmaceutical Sector in India
Sagar Dua

A study on Impact of China Crisis 2015 On Asian Countries
Sagar Dua

Neural Network Applications in Design Process of Decision Support System
Uma Rani

E-Services Education in Rural Area
Ashwani Kumar

A Review on Image Segmentation Techniques
Ankit Garg

Improving Production Scheduling Efficiency With Multi-Agent Based Decision Support Systems
Keshav Jindal, Dr. S. Srinivasan, Dr. Vivek Jaglan

Technology Revolutionizing Retail Practices in Digital Era
Neha Wadhawan, Dr. Amit Seth

Effect of Gender, Academic Stream, and Print Media Use on Mass-Media and Journalism Preferences of Senior Secondary School Students
Parul Pandit

Corporate Social Responsibility in India
Lalit Kumar Sharma

Library and Information Sciences: A Development of Learning Approach
Sanjay Tiwari

Identification of facial expression on the basis of discrete wavelet transforms
Akshat Agrawal

SOC Design Issues: A Review
Neeraj Gupta, Aditya Mudgal

Built in Self-Test: A Review
Neeraj Gupta, Monika Rani Jha

Analyzing Audio Watermarking algorithms
Amita, Parveen Khanchi

A Review of Congestion Control in MANET
Vandana, Er. Saurabh Mittal

Energy Efficient Data Collection in WSN by Pattern Variation Discovery
Priyanka Sharma, Deepti Garg

Review Paper on Brain Tumor Detection Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
Bandana Sharma, Dr. Brij Mohan Singh

Importance of Soft Skills for Professional Students
Richa Sethi



































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