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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Special Issue: Proceeding of RISEM 2022

3D Virtual Modelling and Its Future Scope - Metaverse
Atul Singh, Bobby Yadav, Archit Kaushik, Aaditya Raj, Jatin Yadav, Dr. Parli B. Hari

A Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Future World
Aniket Saini, Cyril Rajpal, Jappreet Singh, Abhishek Chauhan, Gaurav Kumar, Dr. Parli B. Hari

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Smart Cars
Prachi Bisht, Sakshi Yadav, Sanam Sah, Saurabh Kumar, Tarun, Dr. Parli B. Hari

A Systematic review of wireless sensor networks with current research and challenges
Sangam Sah, Sagapam Johny Singh, Prashant Kumar Singh, Pradeep Singh, Raunak Kumar Singh, Dr. Parli B. Hari

Review on Conservation of water resources for irrigation purposes in India
Saanidhya Sharma , Ayushi Gupta

Strategic Change in Organizations: A Literature Review
Dr. Prabha Arya

Data Science- A Revolution
Mandeep Singh, Gaurav Tiwari, Siddharth Sharma, Ritik Gupta, Neeraj Pandey, Muskan Sharma, Dr. Parli B. Hari

Designing Machine Learning model for crowd detection system in a centralized MCS application
Pinky Dagar,Dr. Mukesh Kumar

Hybrid Machine Learning model in efficient crowd detection system for MCS application
Pinky Dagar,Dr. Mukesh Kumar

Hate Speech Detection on Social Media using Artificial Intelligence
Mayank Kumar, Nitin Sharma, Rohit Kumar, Satyam Kumar Roy, Yash Sharma, Dr. Parli B. Hari

Major Challenges of Indian Education System Basically Teaching English After Pandemic
Ms. Vandana Kaushik

A Reviev Paper on Automatic Energy Meter Reading System
Ramniwas Gautam, Neha Mathur, Akanksha Kulshreshtha and Vimal

A review on advancements of power system protection and control
Swati Sharma, Ashwani Saini, Manish Shukla, Yash Sharma

Online Shopping and Consumer Satisfaction
Uma Rani

Role of Quantum Computing in Fast Computation Systems
Deepanshu Sharma, AkhandPratap Singh, Gaurav Kumar, Keshav Singh, Dr. Parli B. Hari

A Review on Solar E-Bicycle
Vivek kukreti, Lavkush, Pushpanjali Singh Bisht

How to Overcome With Limitations of Slow Sand Filteration System
Adapa Maheshwar Rao, Ayush Mehlawat, Pankaj Kumar, Sachin, Ayushi Gupta

An Overview of Internet of Things: Architecture, Applications and Challenges
Aakanksha Jha, Archana Rohilla, Praveen Kumari

Comparing RZ and NRZ Modulation Techniques: A Review
Aamir Mustaq Wani, Neha Mathur and Akanksha Kulshreshtha

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
Deepali Jain, Ravish Kumar, Dr. Sonal Kanungo Sharma





























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