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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 1 Issue 1 June 2014

Implementation of Model for Handling the Problems in Supply Chain Management
Sandeep Garg, S.Srinivasan, S.P Singh

Interactive Class Room: Impact of the Web services Using Distributed Learning
Keshav Jindal, Priti Kumari, Dr. S.K. Arora

An Energy Efficient Protocol for Hexagonal Grid-Based Wireless Sensor Network Using Super nodes
Suman Punia, Navnidhi Sharma

Design and implementation of Rayleigh scattering parameters and their effects on WDM passive optical networks
Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Deeepak Kumar

Academic Achievements in Social Science subject of 9th class student of rural area’s Schools through Inquiry-based Teaching Model
Priti Kumari, Dr. S.K. Arora

Software defined radio for wireless networks
Neha Arya, Gurinder Singh

Shortest Path Algorithms Technique For Nearly Acyclic Graphs
Priyanka Sharma

Optimized Load Balancing in Grid Computing using Tentative Ant Colony Algorithm
Deepika Sharma

Design of efficient routing and wavelength allocation in passive optical networks
Satinder Kaur and Gurinder Singh

Design & Implementation of Estimating Motion & Reconstruction Using Pixel Processing
Akhil Mahajan and Deepak Kumar

Variation of different percentages of silica fume on concrete mechanical properties
Aman Sharma, Vivek Verma

Comparative Analysis of a Multistoried Residential Building with and Without Shear Wall using STADD Pro
Ashok Thakur, Arvinder Singh

Influence of fire on reinforcement provided in R.C.C structures of buildings
Hanish Choudhary, Naveen Hooda

Visualization & Analysis of Energy Forecasting Data Using Curve Fitting
Maninder singh and Deepak Kumar

Zonal circular LEACH Protocol (ZCLP) for Homogeneous WSN
Deepika Gogia, Dr. Kamal Sharma

Recognition and identification schemes for the development of Eigen feature extraction based iris recognition system
Sonali Sharma

Approach of Real Integrated Price language in Automation of Marketing Research Tool -Resolving Issue with Backup of CBR
Deepthi Sehrawat

Microstrip Antenna Array
Amandeep Singh, Vikas Sharma

Extra Dimensions in the field of Dark Matter
Rakesh Sharma

Mechanisms and security architecture of agent based mobile system and its security services
Preety, Deepika Sharma

Diagnosing Qualitative & Database Optimization Issues in ERP Implementation
Sandeep kumar, Dr. Vineet Kansal & Preety

Review on Dielectrics Loaded Microstrip Antennas
Dasari Kiran Kumar, Dr.Sachin Saxena

Power Management of Wind and Solar Dg
Gundip Singh































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