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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 2 Issue 1 March 2015

Various Optimized Techniques comparison & Optimized Cost Function Using QoS Parameters
Pritishtha Gupta, Nishtha Gupta

Reviewing Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Algorithm’s stimulations in WSN
Pinky Dagar

3D Printing: Technology of the Age
Harshit Srivastava, Shashank Mohan, Prateek Ranjan

Every Business Has A Responsibility To Give Back To The Society
Supriya Saxena

Research on Green Manufacturing strategy for Minimization of Global Warming
Vikas Pathak

Multi Level Marketing: - An Exploitation of Relationships
Richa Sethi, Dr. Shobha Khinvasara

A Study on Behaviors of Waiting Line Model to Poisson distribution
M. Reni Sagayaraj, R. Raguvaran, M. Daisy

To study the impact of online banking services on retail users
Parul Bhargava

Job Hopping In Software Industry With Reference To Select Software Companies: A Study
Bura Naresh, Prof. B. Venkat Rathnam

Studies on growth parameters and Protein Content of Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae on increasing concentration of Lead (Pb)
Archana Jain

Design an improved path selection algorithm that is inspired from particle swarm optimization
Kamal Kant, Dr. Rajesh Dhiman, Rajesh Choudhary

Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units for Power System Observability
Munish Kumar, Dr. Rajesh Dhiman, Rajesh Choudhary

Comparative Analysis of Various Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in Adhoc Networks
Meenu Vijarania, Vivek Jaglan

Mathematical Modelling and Availability Optimization of feeding system in a sugar plant
Er. Aman, Dr. V.K. Mahna, Dr. Rajiv Khanduja

A Finite Population Ret Rial Inventory System with Service Facility and Phase Type Server Vacation Times
M. Reni Sagayaraj, D. Moganraj, C. Periyasamy

Security Threats in VANETS: A Rev iew
Vipin Malik, Savita Bishnoi

Prevalence of different alleles of apolipoprotein E (ApoE) gene with respect to the genetic risk for Hepatitis B virus infection in healthy north Indian population
Vikas Pahal, Rohit Randhawa, Gurdyal Singh, Ankita Chandel and Krishan Swaroop Dadhich

Genetic polymorphisms of LMP7&TAP1 human-immunogenes as genetic risk factor for Hepatitis B Virus infection in north Indian healthy population
Vikas Pahal, Rohit Randhawa, Gurdyal Singh, Ankita Chandel and Krishan Swaroop Dadhich

Survey on Task Scheduling For Multi-core Systems
Muhammad Talal, M. Daud Abdullah

Innovative approach for resolving Sybil Attack in MANET
Vivek Jaglan

Efficient Multicast Routing Techniques in ZigBee Provides Efficient Communication between Sensor Nodes to the Same Group through Wireless Sensor Network
Harjender Singh

Sierpinski Carpet based Fractal Antenna for Wimax Frequencies
Deepal Gupta, Prof. Umesh Barahadiya

Triphala Powder: A Wonder of Ayurveda
Sushil Sharma

Rhombus Shaped Sierpinski Carpet Fractal Antenna between 2-6 GHz
Deepal Gupta, Prof. Umesh Barahadiya

Potential usage of sewage water in irrigation for improvement of various soil nutrients
Swapnil Rai, S. P. Bajpai and Dinesh Kr. Sharma

Analysis of Multidimensional Modeling Related To Conceptual Level
Akshat Agrawal, Sushil Kumar

Motion Estimation Algorithm Based On Mean Deviation and Sorting Approach
Akshat Agrawal

Watermarking Algorithm using Bacterial Foraging Optimization
Charu Jain

Performance analysis of Load balancing algorithms of cloud computing system based on MIPS rating
Pooja, Virender Kadyan

A Review of Angular Distortion & its Prevention Techniques
Sandeep Duhan, Ashwani Mor, Deepak Malik

A Study of Various Spam Filtering Techniques
Divya Arora, Gunjan Rehani

Meera Bhayi aur unki kanya Kritiya
Renu Bala

Teacher’s Awareness Regarding Disaster Management in Aravalis of Haryana: A Case Study of Tosham Hills
Jyoti, Ajay Dahiya

Bride Buying in Haryana: A Case study of Kakroi Village in Sonipat Tehsil
Jyoti, Ajay Dahiya

Innovative Application of Waste Tyre in Concrete Mixes
Ravinder Kumar

Mission and challenges of Polymer Informatics
Preeti Chhokkar

Yoga-A Way of Life and Its Importance in Sports
Manoj Goel

Dielectric Thickness Effect on Functioning Of Microstrip Antennas
Dasari Kiran Kumar, Dr.Sachin Saxena

























































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