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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 2 Issue 2 June 2015

Influence of Income Status of the customers on Service Quality
Dr. S. Valli Devasena

Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater Using Low Cost Adsorbents: A Review
Rekha Devi

Integrating Artificial Neural Network with Machine Learning in Forecasting problem domain
Monika Sahu

Development of a Cost-Effective Underwater Robotic Platform for Operating both AUV and ROV Mode
Mir ABM Jakir Hossain, MD. Raquib Uddin, Maher Abdullah

Liquid Crystals - The 'Fourth' Phase of Matter (Review)
Rekha Devi

Review of Image Steganography Techniques in Cloud Security
Monika Sahu

Ionic liquids-Useful Reaction Green Solvents for the Future (A Review)
Rekha Devi

Role of Agent Technology in Designing of Auto-Control Platform in Steel Pipe Manufacturing Plant
Dr. Vivek Jaglan

An Emerging 3-Tier Architecture model and frameworks for Big Data Analytics
Preetishree Patnaik, Pooja Batra Nagpal, Ulya Sabeel

Review of Database Cracking Techniques
Mrs. Aarti Chugh

Green chemical approach for the synthesis of chromenes derivatives in presence of novel green catalyst (Rochelle salt) and their biological activity
Preeti Bansal, Gajanand Sharma

Beneficial Effects of Steel Slag on Concrete
Girish Sharma, Ritu goyal, Abhishek Gupta, Devinder Sharma

Performance Evaluation of Frequent Pattern Mining using Genetic Algorithm: The Review
Mamta Sharma, Sunil Kumar

Classification Rule Discovery for Diabetes Patients Using k-NN
Manjeet Kumar, Raj Kumar

A Comparative Analysis on Face Recognition Techniques
Rohit Kapoor, Akshat Agarwal, Ankit Garg

Probing Antibacterial Properties of Sida cardifolia Sponsored Silver Nanoparticles
Rajgovind, Gaurav Sharma, Nakuleshwar Dut Jasuja, Deepak Kr. Gupta, and Suresh C. Joshi

G.A. V/S Classical Approaches For Optimisation Problems
Twinkle Dahiya, Er. Kapil, Er.Aakash Goyal

Determination of Tropane Alkaloid (Atropine, Anisodamine, Homatropin and Scopolamine) In Seed of Wheat, Corn, Soybean and Linseed
Khakemin Khan, Muhammad Jawad ahmad, Rasool Kamal

Marketing Innovation in Rural India
Ms. Neetu Saini, Ms. Meenakshi Gupta

Comparison of Some Physico-Chemical Properties of Different Oils Available in the Local Market in Pakistan
Fazal Wali, Musa Kaleem Baloch and Mohsan Nawaz, Khakemin Khan

Optimizing Load balancing algorithms with MIPS rating factor of cloud computing system
Pooja, Virender Kadyan

IDS in WSN Based on Spy Node & Neighboring Voting Scheme (SNNVS)

Video Encryption Using Cryptography – A Review
Sarla, Anuj Kumar, Deepthi Sehrawat

Performance Analysis of Daubechies Wavelets for Music Signals
Ashutosh Kharb, Narender Hooda

Comparative Analysis of Fully Depleted DMG SOI-MOSFET and SMG SOI-MOSFET
Shikhar Gupta, Prashant Kumar, Anjali Chawla

Digital Image Watermarking by DWT-DCT-PBFO
Manit Kumar, Mohinder Paul Malhotra

Digital image watermarking: a review
Manit Kumar, Mohinder Paul Malhotra

Unified Power Flow Controller and its Implementation On A WSCC System to Bring System in Synchronism after Fault Occurs
Rahul Wazir Pandita, Vijay Kumar Garg

Power System Stabilizers For Damping Oscillations In Rotors Of Generators
Rahul Wazir Pandita, Vijay Kumar Garg

Scope of Cloud Computing in Education Sector: A Review
Harsimran Singh Anand, Kamayani

MANET: comparison on AODV and DSR
Krishan Kumar, Navin Kumar Sehgal

Study of Angular Distortion of SS 302 and MS Plate with GTAW
Sandeep Duhan, Ashwani Mor, Deepak Malik

The Paradigm shift of Cuban economy – A march towards development
Dr. Rajinder Shriram Aurora

Exam Timetabling Problem Using G.A.
Twinkle Dahiya, Er. Kapil, Er.Aakash Goyal

Data Mining - Healthcare Data
Ratna Madhuri Maddipatla, Nagamani Maddipatla

Design and Implementation of High Speed Carry Select Adder
Nitin Kumar Verma, Prashant Gupta

Orchestration of Traffic Lights in the Planned Cities
Er. Harpreet Singh, Er. Sahib Datar Singh, Er. Jasanpreet Singh

A Review Paper Different Models Of Earth Air Heat Exchanger
Rahul Rathee, Dr Atul Lanjewar

Diagnosis The Chronic Kidney Disease Based on Serum Creatinine using The Software Tool “Kid -Care”
S. Devika, Dr. K. Mohan Kumar

Comparative Study on Software Testing Models
K. Sivakami, Dr. K. Mohan Kumar

Seismic Analysis of Building with Mass and Vertical Geometric Irregularity by Response Spectrum and Seismic Coefficient Method in Zone V and II
Chetan Raj, Vivek Verma, Bhupinder Singh, Abhishek Gupta

Comparatively Study of Multi-Storeyed RC Buildings with Vertically Irregularities Using RSA & THA
Sharma Ravikant

A New Scheme for Computation of Cluster-Head in MANET
Krishan Kumar, Navin Kumar Sehgal

Behavioral Characterization of Friction Stir Welded Aluminium Joints
Ashutosh Pandey, Mohd. Abbas, Manish Giri

A Review Paper on Dsdv and Olsr
Payal verma, Dr. Rajender Singh Chhillar

A Review of Ddos Attack and Their Countermeasure in TCP Based Network
Priyanka, Professor Nasib Singh Gill

A Study on detection of DDoS Attack in MANET
Priyanka, Professor Nasib Singh Gill

Application of PSO Based automatic Generation control of a two Area Thermal Generating System
Munish Kumar, Dr. Rajesh Dhiman, Rajesh Choudhary

Consumer Preferences change when it comes to green Marketing
Sonal Thakur & Dr. Rajinder Aurora

Consumer Perception: A Study on E-Marketing
Sonal Thakur & Dr. Rajinder Aurora

An Independent Component Analysis Based Approach for Filtering Spam
Divya Arora, Gunjan Rehani

Application of Statistical Techniques for Modeling of Groundwater Quality Parameters
Shankar B.S

Design & Implementation of Selfish Node Preventive Fault Handling Routing in WSN
Bhagwati Gaur, Seema Singh, Akhil Mahajan

Solid Waste as a Major Environment Problem in Major Cities: A Case Study of Chandigarh
Mrs. Minakshi

MIPS issues in Grid Computing
Shilpa Kukreja

Reviewing Mechanical Properties of Coconut Fiber Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete with Steel Fibers
Ravinder Kumar























































































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