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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 3 Issue 1 March 2016

Reliability Analysis of Pier Scour at Gravel-Bed Rivers Using FORM
Adeel Ahmad, Mohd.Muzzammil, Javed Alam

PAPR reduction on MC-CDMA: a survey
Lipika Ahlawat, Satish Saini

Cryptic Neural Nets
Nitesh Goel and Arpana

Antimicrobial Activity Of Ajuga Bracteosa Against Certain Multi Drug-Resistant Pathogens
Muhammad Yar

Apply Fuzzy Optimization in Proficient Managing COCOMO Model Cost Drivers
Dr. Vivek Jaglan

Plagiarism: A Threat to Intellectual Property Rights
Dr. Ruchi Tuli

Gurjeet Multani

Ethical Dilemmas
Gurjeet Multani, Prof. Dr. Vidya Hattangadi

Detection and Prevention of SQL Injection Using Auto Comparator
Sonal Mittal and Garima Garg

Use of Signs, Symbols and Visuals- Sources of Communication
Neha Wadhawan

Recent Trends in Indian Higher Education System
Dr. Tania Gupta

Solution for Traveling Salesman Problem using Genetic Algorithm
Akshat Agrawal

Supply Chain Management
Dr. S. David, Akshay Goswami, Kalyani Sharma, Sharan Shankarl

Survey on Comparative Study of Protocols in Mobile Adhoc Network
Sonia, Er. Navneet Dhillon, Rajanjeet Kaur, Ramandeep Kaur

Implementation of Cognitive Radios Using MATLAB
Nitika Sharma, Kamal Kumar Sharma, Sharad Chauhan

Applying Multi-agent simulation in tracking the Bullwhip effect of supply chain system
Manoj Kumar, Dr. R. K. Khola

Stabilization of voltage in Wind Energy Conversion System using PWM Modulated Power Filter Compensator
Fatehbir Singh, Shakti Singh

Review on Power Quality Problem due to Sag
Sharad Sharma, Fatehbir Singh

A DFT based channel estimation technique in orthogonal-frequency-division-multiplexing (OFDM): A Review
Er. Sukhjit Singh

Password Based Circuit Breaker
Jay Kumar, Surya Kumar, Vivek Yadav, Naveen Kr. Singh, Prashant Kr. Gaur, Praveen Kr. Tyagi

Optimization Of Roof Truss Using STAAD PRO V8i
Er. Sanjeev Kumar, Brahmjeet Singh, Er. Bhupinder Singh

Automatic Fault Detection of Railway Track System Based on PLC (ADOR TAST)
Naveen Bhargav, Avanish Gupta, Mayank Khirwar, Satypal Yadav, Vinay Sahu

Significance of Talent Management in Public Sector Enterprises in India - A Case Study
Kumari Mary Mathe

Pointwise convergence of prolate spheriodal wavelet expansion in L2(R) space
Dr. Dimple Singh

Solar Based Smart Irrigation System
Mohit Vyas, Er.Upendra Singh, Gaurav Sharma, Surender Pal Singh, Suleman Khan

Reducing Bullwhip effect of Supply Chain by applying Multi-agent having Fuzzy thinking
Manoj Kumar, Dr. Bright Keswani

A Study on the Physico-chemical parameters and Phytoplankton in Fox Sagar Lake, Hyderabad
A.Rajani, E.M.Sunitha, P. Vani, T. Sree Lakshmi and S.Anitha

Estimation Techniques for CFO
Anju, Amit Ahlawat

A Review Fractal Image Compression
Manjot Kaur, Gagan kumar

A Study of Various Image Compression Techniques
Sukanya, Gagan kumar

Review of Item set mining Algorithms Transactional Data Sets
Raman, Parbhat Verma

A Review: Optimized BPSO Clustering Approach for Analysis of Data in Medical Field
Amanjyot Kaur, Gagan kumar

Clicks-and-Mortar : The Future of e-commerce
Rajnish Jindal

Reliability of Electronic Evidence

A Unique Transductive Decision Tree
S.Mohammad.Ghouse, E.Madhusudhana Reddy, R.Venkata Subbaryudu

Effects and Preparedness of Academic Libraries to Face the Challenges Posed By Web Resources
Dr. Tabasum Maqbool



















































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