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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 3 Issue 3 September 2016

Performance Review of Load balancing algorithms used in Grid computing system
Sushma, Dhirendra Mohan

Efficient Nature-Inspired Load balancing algorithms for Grid computing system
Sushma, Dhirendra Mohan

Firefly Based Adaptive Block Image Inpainting
Aditi Beniwal, Deepti Ahlawat

Energy Efficient Resource Allocation by Firefly Optimization in Cloud Computing
Preeti Chahal, Vinod Saroha

Comparison of rock samples from two different states
Er. Kamaljit Kaur, Dr. Vishwas Sawant

Survey of network reconfiguration in WSN
Kavita, Prof. Prashant Sahai Saxena, Dr. Sonu Mittal

Ideas on collision detection in vehicles using WSN
Sahil Verma, Prof. Prashant Sahai Saxena, Dr. Sonu Mittal

Management of Risk Issues in E-Banking – A Case Study
G Sravanthi

An Overview of Face Recognition Algorithms
Gagan kumar, Sumit Saurabh

A Study of Difference in CBSE and UP Board Secondary schools about CCE Pattern
Kalpana Rani

Accident Detector Using Wireless Communication
Mian Muhammad Kamal, Syed Waleed

Smart Security Camera Based Human Tracking
Mian Muhammad Kamal, Syed Waleed Shah, Muhammmad Tufail, Muhammad Jawad

GSM Based Multiuser Electronic Notes Board
Mian Muhammad Kamal, Syed Jafer Shah, Muhammad Tufail

A Survey on Sentiment Analysis Techniques on Social Media Data
Shah Shaheena Ashraf, Sahil Verma, Kavita

Review Paper On “Different approaches to crowd-sensing in vehicular Ad-hoc Network”
Sehrash Rafiq, Sahil Verma, Kavita

Review Paper on Data Collection through Hybrid algorithm
Sadiya Farzana, Sahil Verma, Kavita

Review on Green Building
Sharad Sharma, Fatehbir Singh

3D Printing: The Face of Future Fashion
Dr. Ruchi Kholiya

Analytical Study on Indian Fashion Designers
Gauri Bhatia, Sunny Juneja

Empirical Study On Indian Footwear Industry
Sunny Juneja, Gauri Bhatia

Efficiency Maximization in Sensor Networks: A Survey
Parul Arora, Vikas Malik

Review of Social Media Analysis by Machine Learning
Divya Khullar, Gagan Kumar

A Multi Agent Structural Design For Production Scheduling Using Distributed Case Based Reasoning
Keshav Jindal, Dr. Ripuranjan Sinha, Dr. S. Srinivasan

A Review on Numerical function optimization Algorithm and its Applications to Data Clustering & Classification
Neeraj Dahiya, Surjeet Dalal, Savita Khatri

Empirical analysis of self-optimization and fault tolerance
Anshula, Krishan Kumar

Jalvayu Pariyatn Aur Khadhay Surkashya: Ek Report

Sexual Harassment and Violation of Human Rights

Challenge in ICT Education and Solution Based On Agent Oriented Technology
Sushil Malik

A Review for Face Recognition using Gabor Wavelet Transform
Akshat Agrawal

Analysis of Different Statistical Models for Causal Relationships in Data Mining
R.Vijaya, Dr. M.Babu Reddy

Strategies of Digital Marketing
Dr. Rajender Kumar

Corporate Social Responsibility and its effect on the Financial Performance
Mr. Bhadri Narayan Patra












































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