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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 3 Issue 4 December 2016

WSN Energy Minimisation by Hybrid BFO-PSO
Parul Arora, Vikas Malik

Novel Method of Analysis of Tweets by Naive Bayes with Ant Colony Optimization
Divya Khullar, Gagan Kumar

Review of DFT based channel estimation techniques in OFDM over multipath channel
Sukhjit singh

Hybrid Power Generation System
Avtar Singh

Study on Fingerprint Based Attendance System
Patel Abhijeet Harshadbhai, Sukhwinder Singh

Student Performance Drives Career: A Case Study
Tapan Kumar Das and Asis Kumar Tripathy

Investigation on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Microsilica and Optimised dose of Nanosilica as a Partial Replacement of Cement
Hemlata Sharma, Er.Rishav Garg, Er.Devinder Sharma, Mirza umar beg, Rohit Sharma

Study of Load balancing algorithms and their performance in Grid computing system
Poonam, Kirti Gautam

The Magnificent weave of Banarasi Jamdani
Dr. Jasminder Kaur

Designing of Optimized Load balancing algorithms for Grid computing system
Poonam, Kirti Gautam

Impact of Potential Induced Degradation on Solar PV Module
Harmanpreet Singh, Narinder Sharma, Amresh Shriwastva

Evolution of Software Testing Procedures and Tools
Anshula, Krishan Kumar

Review of gravitational search algorithm for Clustering problem
Pawan, Parveen Khanchi

Window Display—The New Retail Mantra
Ms. Gauri Bhatia, Dr. Ruchi Kholiya

Copyrightability of Video Games
Huma Mehfooz, Gaurav Bhalla

Judicial Accountability in India
Sukriti Yagyasen

The Contemporary Legal Framework for Protection of Indian Flora and Fauna
Manvendra Singh

Corporate Social Responsibility In perspective of International and National Scenario
Santosh Kumar

Prison Reforms in India

Audio Watermarking Using DWT-SVD-Firefly Algorithm
Amita, Parveen Khanchi

Enhanced Privacy Preserving Access Control in the Cloud
Shakti Arora, Surjeet Dalal

Review of modeling technologies used for Predicting Crime
Vivek Jaglan

Interruption Detection of Sinkhole Attacks in Extensive scale Wireless Sensor Networks

A Literature Review on Fault Expectation pursuance in Software Engineering
Akshat Agrawal

Impact of Rupee Devaluation on the Growth of India Economy – A Study on Rebounding Strategies
Ms Kothakonda Rekha, Dr Suresh Chandra Ch

Role of Project Management in Development of Skills and Innovation
D. Prem Kumar

Employee Retention Scenario In Select ITES Companies in India
Ms. A.Ramya Sri

Revewing cloud resource management schemes used in Cloud computing system
Ashok Kumar, Dr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma

Data Exclusivity under Trips - A Review and Analysis of Article-39 (3) Of Trips
Pranay Prakash, Mandeep Kumar

Design and Development of Suitable Approaches and Robust Designs for Machine Learning in Confronting Situations
Prof. Dr. G. Manoj Someswar, Shobini Banda

Digital marketing campaigns to promote the City Branding
Dr. Rajender Kumar

Future of the Girl Child: Need To Change the Mindset of the People
Dr. N. Krishna Kumar

Exploring Variations: Leaf Traits, Stomatal Features, and Pigment Composition in Terrestrial Orchid Species
B. S. Jyothsna and Deepti Srivastava
















































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