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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 5 Issue 1 March 2018

A Review on Software Cost and Effort Estimation Techniques for Agile Development Process
Manju Vyas, Amit Bohra, Dr. C.S. Lamba and Abhilasha Vyas

Estimating the Effect of Noises over an Efficient Image Steganography Algorithm Based on Intensity and Path Adaptation
Sumeet Kaur, Savina Bansal, R.K. Bansal

Aadhaar Thumb: One Platform to all Services
Ramneek Kalra, Roma Verma, Chitra Nasa

Tools Used in Data Analysis: A Comparative Study
Anmol Bansal and Dr. Satyajee Srivastava

A Classification based Predictive Cost Model for Measuring Reusability Level of Open Source Software
Divanshi Priyadarshni Wangoo and Archana Singh

To Study the Pollution Data of Past Years and Predict the Values of Certain Pollutants Using the Equations Formed By Trendline
Mayank Sehdev, Shailesh Saini, Gurmeet Singh, Keerti Jain

Spatiotemporal Data Analysis for Flood Risk Assessment in NCR India
Sharma, A. and Mishra, S. K.

Smart Traffic Rule Violation Monitoring System
Ankit Kumar, Sandeep Rawat, Abhishek Gaur and Alina Banerjee

Quality Management in Educational Institutions
D.K Singh, Ayush Trivedi

Important Issues in Supply Chain Management and Development
Siddharth Choudhary, Swadhin Kumar Nayak, Abhimanyu Malik, D.K. Singh

Enhancement of Cloud Security and removal of anti-patterns using multilevel encryption algorithms
Utkarsh Gupta and Mrs. Shivani Saluja and Mrs. Twinkle Tiwari

Can Bad Bank be a mean for managing NPAs in India?
Dr. Sushma Verma, Prof. Lalit Bhole

Quality of Information as Predictors of Employer Turnover Intentions: A Study of Information Technology Industry
Subash Chandra Pattnaik & Rashmita Sahoo

Diversity of Diatoms in the Rivers of Telangana
Y.Seeta and P. Manikya Reddy

Jamming Attack – A Survey
Kirti Sharma, Shobha Bhatt

Technological Trends in Optical Fibre Communication
Ekta Hooda and Jagriti Gupta

Review Report on VHDL (VHSIC Hardware description language)
Amit Grewal

Immunity based Intrusion Detection System using Probabilistic Dendritic Cell Algorithm
Ved Prakash Sharma, Rajdev Tiwari

A Modified AODV (MAODV) against Black Hole attacks in MANETs
Ujjval Jain, Ravikant, Jogendra Kumar

Evaluation of Attacks using different Parameters based on their performance
Monica, Lalita Luthra

Li-Fi: The Emerging Technology and the green avatar of Wi-Fi
Sheetal Singh and Arti Vaish

Review on Audio and Video Steganography Techniques
Gunjan Chugh, Priyanka Gaba

Hindrance Awareness in WSN
Lalita Luthra, Monica Batra

Scrutinizing Big Data using Machine Learning Classifiers
Ashu Jain, Soumya Jain, Charul Dewan

Big Data Analytics in Health Care: A Literature Survey
Neha Sharma, Arvind Panwar, Urvashi Sugandh

Comparative analysis of MEAN stack and MERN stack
Sanchit Aggarwal, Jyoti Verma

Modern Web-Development using ReactJS
Sanchit Aggarwal

Online Identity Verification
Akshit Tyagi, Subrat Kumar Sahoo, Lakshay Katarmal, Meghali Gupta, Lalita Luthra

Security Sensitivity in Big Data
Shipra Varshney, Ekta Jain, Nishi Sharma

Child Safety System using RTLS
Priyanka Gaba, Gunjan Chugh

Object Detection Algorithms: A Brief Overview
Parth Joshi, Chirag Sehra

Review of Effects of Cell Phone Radiations on Human Health and its Possible Solutions
Kamal Singh, Devraj Gautam

Analysis of Machine Learning Methodologies in Big Data Applications
Vaishali, Sonika, Manu Narula, Tanvi Dhingra

Test Case Generation-Review
Shikha Rai

Quantification of Dynamic Metrics for Software Maintainability Prediction
Dhyanendra Jain, Ashu Jain, Amit Kumar Pandey

Technical Survey of Face Detection Techniques
Sukaran Golani, Shubham Jain, Suraj Sahal, Tanvi Dhingra

Technical Survey on Object Detection Methodologies
Deepanshu Wadhwa, Devina Shah,Utkarsh Maharana,Tanvi Dhingra

Text Extraction From Digital Images
Manu Narula, Neha Chawla, Anurag, Sagar

Image Classification Scheme for the Salient Region Extraction
Amit Kumar Pandey, Dhyanendra Jain, Ashu Jain

Review of Image Compression Techniques
Sunny Arora, Gaurav Kumar

Data Generation and Fruit Grading Using Different Classifiers
Ramanpreet Kaur, Mukesh Kumar, Mamta Juneja

Sustainable development of groundwater: A case study of Begamganj block in Bina River Basin of Madhya Pradesh, India
Sushant Kumar, A.K.Sahu, Munendra Kumar, M.K. Choudhary, T.R.Nayak

Geopolymer concrete: A way of sustainable construction
Manvendra Verma, & Dr Nirendra Dev

Wave Drag Analysis in Cascade Fins in Supersonic Regime
C Dinesh Prabhu, Sudharsan B, Ajay Misra, Ganapati Joshi

Using Social Media to Promote E-Commerce Business
K. Sri Haripriya, Sk. Asiff, Dr.Y. Jahnavi

Smart Nellore Handy: A Centralized System for Storing and Managing Significant Area Related Information
B.Supriya, N.Harshitha, Dr.Y.Jahnavi

Payroll Management System
D. Sukanya, V. Gayatri, Dr. Y.Jahnavi

Able Machine Learning Method for classifying Disease- Treatment Semantic Relations from Bio-Medical Sentences
E. Madhusudhana Reddy, P. Bhaskar

Crucial Video Scattering with QoS above Wireless Network by Selective Repeat Algorithm
E. Madhusudhana Reddy, M. Dinesh

Policies and Problems for Dynamic Software Updates Exactitude
E. Madhusudhana Reddy, V. Haritha

Valuing Protection of Lively Software Updates by Version Consistency: A Runtime Analysis Based Regression Testing Recommendations
E. Madhusudhana Reddy, V. Haritha

Effective Video Broadcasting using Wireless Network through EOLSR
E. Madhusudhana Reddy, M. Dinesh

Border security force in valuable areas through Internet of things
Ganta rama mohan Reddy, E .Madhusudhana Reddy

Tracking for Easy to Find Out Animals and Things through Internet of Things
Ganta rama mohan Reddy, E .Madhusudhana Reddy

At Initial Stage Forest Fire Detection through Internet of Things
Ganta rama mohan Reddy, E .Madhusudhana Reddy

Fast identification of Earth quake detected through Internet of things
Ganta rama mohan Reddy, E .Madhusudhana Reddy

At the time of cyclone drowns help through Internet of things
Ganta rama mohan Reddy, E .Madhusudhana Reddy

Chemical leakage detection in river find out through Internet of things
Ganta rama mohan Reddy, E .Madhusudhana Reddy

Power Controlling by Internet of Thing in Mobiles
Ganta rama mohan Reddy, E .Madhusudhana Reddy

Air quality identification through Internet of thing
Ganta rama mohan Reddy, E .Madhusudhana Reddy

Performance Evaluation Of OSPFv3 Routing Protocol On IPv6 Heterogeneous Network
Ms.Jacqulin Veda Jancy. S, Sujit Kumar, Arup Kumar Sahoo, Varun Kumar

Speaker Amplitude Mic with Bluetooth Module
Mrs. V.Reji, Amartya Chowdhury, Millan Dwibedy, Sayan Chatterjee, Samrat Roy

Healthcare Monitoring in IOT using WBAN
Mrs. G. Annapoorani, Prudhvi Inja, Pallab Medhi, Varun Thapliyal, M. Sai Kaushik

Foods Habits Of 12Th Century Ad In India And Its Helth Benefits With Special Reference To Sriharsa’s Naisadhacaritam
Dr. Indrani Deka

Approach of Predictive Modeling on Crime Against Women Problem
Priya Gandhi, Shayog Sharma

Image Denoising and Rician Noise Reduction by LRMD, SVM and Iterative Bilateral Filter in different type of Medical Images
Ms. Jyoti Bhukra, Dr. Kamal Kumar Sharma

Comparative Study of Current Image Steganography Techniques
Ravi Saini

IoT Based Mushroom Monitoring System –A Survey
Pravinthraja.S, Roger Rozario.A.P, Nagarani.S, Kavitha.N.S, Raghul Kumar

Analysis report on cloud generic security challenges and its possible solutions with limitations
Dr T. Uma Devi, K.Venkateswara Rao

Digital India – A Digitally Empowered Society
Sunil Kumar, Deepak Khurana

Detecting and Avoiding of Selfish Nodes in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs)
Sunil Kumar

Reflections of Changes in Society through the Fiction of Manju Kapur
Pooja Malik

Analytical Interpretation of Hydrodynamic Pressure Causing Slosh Effect on Overhead Water Tank
P Hemalatha, K.V.N Mallikharjuna Rao

Review- Sustainable Use of Foundry Sand Partial Replacement to Fine Aggregate for Concrete
Shaikh Mohd Zubair, R. Harishchandra, B. Swapnil, D. Amol, S. Mayur

Analytical Interpretation of Hydrodynamic Pressure Causing Slosh Effect on Overhead Water Tank
P Hemalatha, K.V.N Mallikharjuna Rao

A Study on E-Banking Readiness among Employees of Public and Private Sector Banks
Dr. Ranjana Kothari

Right to Life and Personal Liberty under the Constitution of India
Harish Kumar

International Developments and Indian Laws for the Protection of Environment pollution
Ritu Singh

Law, Justice and the Juvenile in India
Jitender Singh

Principals of Environment Law
Sanjiv Lather

Investigation and Trials of Cross Cases

Factors Responsible for Low Conviction Rates in Trials
Pankaj Kumar

Speech or Abuse Article 19 (1) (a)
Maninder Singh Khatana

Simulation and Implementation of MIMO-OFDM System with STBC using GNU Radio and USRP
Gauri Pandit, Mudassar H. Naikwadi, Kishor P. Patil

Skeleton Tracking Using Microsoft Kinect for Windows on Matlab
Ayushi Prajapati, Meet Bhatt, Yash Joshi, Rohit Negi

Spectrum Occupancy Measurement, Analysis and Observation of Cellular Networks in India
Sachin Garkal, Snehal Suryawanshi, Mr.M.H.Naikwadi

Weblog analysis and identifying bot traffic using big data
Jinu Shibu, Mr.N Arivazhagan, Vineeth Thomas, Arjun R

Synthesis, characterization and anticancer studies of Co (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II) complexes with Schiff base derived from 2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldehyde and 3-(1H-imidazol-1-yl) propan-1-amine
S.Kadhiravan and S.Sivajiganesan, R.Venkatachalam, Kasi Gopinath

Guidelines and Provision of Arrest
Ravinder singh

The Law of Criminal Conspiracy Section 120A & 120B of Indian Penal Code

Section 91 CPC- Menifestation of PIL
Mainpal Chopra, Mukesh

Women’s Proprietary Rights: A Revisit into the Recent Amendment in Hindu Succession Act
Ankit Gautam

Cyber Crimes
Madan kumar

Legislative and Judicial Trends in India Relating to Dishonour of Cheque
Vasu Choudhary, Dr. Mandeep Kumar

The Rule and the Recording of Evidence
Atal kaushik

Efficient resource management techniques in cloud computing environment
Alka Kaushik

Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Homogenization Methods for Partial Differential Equations
Manisha Malik

Law of Investigation under Cr. P.C
Jay Prakash

An investigation on the impact of technological advancements in the field of Geology
Shabad Dyal, Saurabh Dhiman

An Impressive Study: Importance of Information Technology in the Field of Human Resource Management
Reena Singh, Dr. Trilochan Sharma

Globalization, Displacement & the Livelihood Issues of Indigenous Communities in Developing Countries
Vishal Yadav

Human Rights in Contemporary World
Sejal Chandak

A Study on Merger & Amalgamation of Companies under Companies Act, 2013
Puja Kumari

The Inhumane Side of Trade “Human Trafficking”: Critical Analysis of Legislative Framework in India
Charu Srivastava

Study of Performance of Indian Male Wrestling Players in Wrestling Competitions
Ashish, Parminder Singh, Sakshi Sudha

Legalization of live-in relationships in India through the Protection from Domestic Violence Act, 2005: A critical Analysis
Ms. Nirmala Devi, Dr. Parmod Malik

Scams in Indian Bsanking System: an Analytical Study
Nisha, Dr. Seema Dahiya

Corporate & the Theory of Labour Welfare in India
Jitender Kumar Jangra

Genomic DNA isolation and electrophoresis analysis of extracted compound of Phyllanthus amarus occurring in local area of Patna, Bihar, India
Jitendra Kumar and Manoj Kumar

Vasvikaran sa dusparinam nakaratmak paksho ka vishleshan
Dr. Mohini Kumari

Dynamics of Urban Growth in the Karnal City Area 2001- 2011 from Landsat Observations
Mr. Naveen Kumar Kadyan, Prof. Randhir Singh Sangwan

Mutual influence of functional groups on the example of phenol molecule

Scientific Investigation in Criminal Justice System: A Need of the Hour
Vikram Singh, Dr. Yoginder

Right of Accused under Indian Constitution With specific reference to the Human Rights: A Critical analysis
Pranav Ranga

Investigation in Rape Cases: In India
Vijay Pal, Dr. Satyapal

Child Marriages in India: Issues and Challenges
Dr. Poonam Sharma

Euthanasia: Law & Legislations

Attitude of Female Prospective Teachers towards Semester System In Relation To Their Study Habits and Self Confidence
Dr. Kiranjit Kaur
































































































































































































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