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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 5 Issue 3 Sept 2018

The Marketization of Higher Education
Dr. Tania Gupta

Undersea Sensor System: Urbane and Topographical Broadcasting
Bommalapuram Suresh, Nandipati Bhagya Lakshmi

Two Step Quadrant Based Gradient Directional Descent Search For Fast Block Motion Estimation
Prabhat Kumar Singh, Sharad Mohan Srivastav, Chandan Kumar

Data Including an Isolated Information Reliability Inspection in Open Cloud
D.Kejiya Rani, Mohan Krishna Kotha

A Confidentiality Distribute in Broadcast Data Using Slicing Approach
Bejjam Swarna Teja, Jonna Siva Shankar Babu

Optimum Connection Pattern of MUX/DEMUX to enhance fault tolerance of SEN MIN
S. Gupta and G. L. Pahuja

Development and optimization data of a tissue digestion method for the isolation of orthopedic wear particles under mesophilic conditions
Dr. Banshidhar Singh

To study the mechanical properties and effect of Carbonation on marble dust Concrete
Shamshul Quyoom Somriya, Mr.Abhiyant Sharma, Sameer Malhotra

Rights of the Accused in India
Yashwant Kamboj










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