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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 6 Issue 3 Sept 2019

A Study of Problems and Prospects of Primary Health Centers in Rural Areas
Dr. Reshma S. Gajakosh

Accounting System Features- Usage for Different Types of Businesses
Shawnteeonia Lacy, Carmen Gills, Fawn Walker, Cheryl Reedy, Terrai Runnels, Trisukhone Mala, Holly Upton, Christina Brieno, Sonia Rodriguez, Erika Perez, Theodore Larson

Driver Distraction and Drowsiness Detection System
Piyush, Ravi Kumar, Dr. Neeraj Dahiya

Survey on Data Mining: Tools, Techniques, Applications and Major Issues
Sushma Malik

Effect of force on properties of joints produced in FSW of AA6063
Dr. Pardeep Gahlot, Dr. Narinder Kaushik

A Comparative Study of Mobile Operating Systems with Special Emphasis on Apple iOS
Sushma Malik, Pulkit Bahl, Prakhar Sharma

















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