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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 6 Issue 4 Dec 2019

TQM Implementation: A Case Study Analysis of an Indian Automobile Industry
Pardeep Gahlota and Naveen Hooda

The Role of Shell Model in Determining Pairing Interaction in Nuclei
Hezekiah Cherop, Kennedy Muguro, Kapil Khanna

Fending Competition through Sensory Experiences- Easyday Way
Rupa Rathee, Pallavi Rajain

Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties of Glass Powder and Marble Dust Concrete
Bharat Bhushan, Sourabh Lalotra, Shivani Bhardwaj

Study on Strength properties of concrete containing Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag(GGBFS) as partial replacement of Cement and Ceramic Aggregates Concrete
Atul Koushal, Sourabh Lalotra, Shivani Bhardwaj

Experimental Study on Strength and workability properties of concrete Rice Husk Ash and Quarry Dust Concrete
Ravinder Kumar Targotra, Sourabh Lalotra, Shivani Bhardwaj

To Study the Effect on Mechanical Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using Polyethene Terepathelte and Wood Ash
Ankush Verma, Sourabh Lalotra, Shivani Bhardwaj









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