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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 4 Issue 3 Sept 2017

Delineation of Urban Built-Up and Change Detection Analysis using Multi-Temporal Satellite Images
Shruti Kanga, Suraj Kumar Singh, Sudhanshu

Study of Controlling methods of invasive species in India
Dr. Banshidhar Singh

Prediction of Heart Disease Using Cleveland Dataset: A Machine Learning Approach
Tanvi Sharma, Sahil Verma, Kavita

Plant Disease Detection and Classification using Image Processing: A Review
Priyanka Thakur, Preeti Aggarwal, Mamta Juneja

Card Locking System Using Microcontroller
Munish Kumar, Sandeep Kumar

A hybrid optimized framework for Cloud Resource management system
Ashok Kumar, Dr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma

Predicting Missing Values in a Dataset: Challenges and Approaches
Shivani Rawal, Dr. S.C Gupta, Mr. Shekhar Singh

A Comparative Study on M-Banking Services in Selected Public and Private Sector Banks
Sagar Dua

A Comprehensive Review on Regression Testing Techniques
Rakesh Garg

Digital Communication Management: The World Is Going Digital
Sagar Dua

Fruit grading By Computer Vision- A Review
Ramampreet Kaur, Mukesh Kumar, Mamta Juneja

Intelligent Solar Panel Installation
Tarun Sethia, Shreya Bharti, Shubham Shukla, Pankaj Sharma

Different Shades of Feminism in ‘Custody’ by Manju Kapur
Pooja Malik, Dr Parul Yadav

A Review of Channel Estimation Techniques in OFDM system
Kamal Thakur, Tanu Arora

Arrangement of Pilot Tones in Wireless OFDM Systems
Kamal Thakur, Tanu Arora

An Analytical study of E-voting System
Neha Saini, Himani Verma, Mr. Pankaj Sharma

Comparative Analysis Of Bilateral Tax Exemption Policy Of India And Its Effect With China, Us, Germany And Russia
Anindhya Tiwari

Women’s property rights: An unyielding incessant struggle
Ankit Gautam

Medical Negligence: A Growing Menace
Anshul Aggarwal

Women Safety: A Global Out Cry
Mandeep Kumar

The Modern Approach to Concept of Social Security In the Light of Labour Jurisprudence
Manvendra Singh

Separation Of Power And Rule Of Law In India, Unswerving Deepening Of Democracy
Neerav Khare

Corporate Social Responsibility (Triple Bottam line); A Technology serves the company and Society
Santosh Kumar

Position and technology of Corporate Social Responsibility in company management
Santosh Kumar

Disarmament Of Nuclear Weapon: Whether A Utopian Concept?*
Satya Kam Sharma

Right to Life in India : A Conceptual Analysis and the Legislative History The Jurisprudential Essence of Right to Life
Sukriti Yagyasen

Study of School Climate in 21st Century and Ways to Improvement
Shweta Tripathi

Morphometric Study of Fresh Water Carps Fishes of Shahdol Region
Bindu Pandey

Optical Character Recognition System for Multilanguage Script Recognition
Sonam Jain

Analysis Of An N-Policy Interdependent Finite Capacity Queueing Model With Controllable Arrival Rates
Anil Kumar Shrivastava, M. Datta and R.K. Shrivastava

Importance of Small Scale Industries in the Economic Development of Telangana State
T. Vani Madhavi

Interlaced Derivation for HINDI phoneme- Viseme recognition from continuous speech
Arpana Mishra

Role of MUX and DEMUX in Enhancing the Reliability of MIN
S. Gupta and G. L. Pahuja

Synthesis, Characterization And Antibacterial Activity Of O-Alkyl Or O-Aryl Trithiophosphate Of Mn(II)
Suman Bhatti and Alok Chaturvedi

An Effective way to study various Performance metrices and issues in MANET
Yogita sangwan

Relative Influence of Advertisement on Consumer Decision Making Process- A Comparative Analysis of Nagpur and Bhopal City
Dr. Ritu Tiwari

Effectiveness of Hybrid Teaching As Blended Learning in Science on Student Engagement In Relation To Creativity of Students
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur, Iqbal Singh

Effect of Classroom Management Skills as a Parameter of Personality Development Module on Teacher Effectiveness of Teacher Trainees in Relation to Internal Locus of Control
Dr. Jagdeep Kaur, Lata Kumari

Education in India: National Policies and Regulations
Dr. Pallvi Pandit

Teaching Mathematics through Dialogue Method: An Innovative Practice for Holistic Education at Elementary School Level
Dr. Pallvi Pandit

Effect of Gender, Academic Stream and Print Media Use on Educational Preferences of Senior Secondary School Students
Dr. Pallvi Pandit

Designing intelligent agent based cloud resource utilization framework
Manoj Sharma, Dr. Manoj Sharma, Dr. S. Srinivasan

CPU Scheduling using an Optimized Round-Robin Scheduling Technique
Sushruta Mishra, Brojo Kishore Mishra, Soumya Sahoo, Sunil Mohapatra

Advanced Load Balancer and Reverse Proxy in Web Architecture
Alok Verma, Dr. Vivek Jaglan, Ankit Garg, Akshat Agarwal

Comparative Study of Stress with respect to Public and Private Banks
Dr. Kavita Singh, Dr. Shweta Singh

Question Answering based Dialogue System in Punjabi: A Review
Suket Arora, Sarabjit Singh, Kamaljeet Batra

Android OS, its security and features
Abhishek Verma, Suket Arora, Preeti Verma

Performance Evaluation and Selection of Software Effort Estimation Models Based on Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method
Rakesh Garg

Impact of Job Satisfaction on Employee Performance in Software Industry, Hyderabad –A Statistical Analysis
V. Sreecharan, Dr. Venkata Raman. N

Security Issues in Wireless Networks: A Survey
Akshat Agrawal

Systematic Approach of Genetic algorithm for Solution of traditional based logical issues
Meenu Vijarania

The Police System in India
Ved Prakash

Use of Technology and the Rule of Evidence in Law
Munish Rathi

Legal Aid- A Brief Introduction
Mukesh, Manipal Chopra

The Banking Ombudsman in India
Vasu Choudhary, Dr. Mandeep Kumar

Security and trust issues in Fog computing used in Medical Domain applications
Alka Kaushik
























































































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