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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 1 Issue 2 Sept 2014

Analysis and comparisons of different type of WECS- A literature Review
Sushant Gaur, Ravinder Choudhary

Evaluating Heuristic based Load Balancing Algorithm through Ant Colony Optimization
Deepika Sharma,

Reliable algorithm for thinning number patterns
Anup Lal Yadav, Sahil Verma

Energy Efficient Using AODV Protocol in WSNs
Mansi Nagpal, Sharad Chauhan

Analyzing the Cloud Computing security issues with JAAS Module
Shalu Soni, Sahil Verma

Review on Energy Efficient Using AODV Protocol in WSNs
Mansi Nagpal, Sharad Chauhan

Reviewing MANET Network Security Threats
Priyanka Sharma

Design & Implementation of Optical Routing with Effect on Performance Parameters
Satinder Kaur, Er. Gurinder Singh

Applications of STATCOM for Power Quality Improvement- A Literature Survey
Rohit, Rajesh Choudhary

Design & Implementation of Performance Parameters Based on Carrier Distributed WDM Passive Optical Networks
Rajesh kumar sharma, Deepak Kumar

Routing Protocol In MANET – A Survey
Chandni, Sharad Chauhan

Power quality improvement by BFO-Fuzzy Controlled DVR
Manish Kumar, Rajesh Choudhary

Design & Implementation of Energy Forecasting Using Regression Analysis & Curve Fitting
Maninder Singh, Deepak Kumar

A New Approach for Outlier Detection in WSNs
Ashu Saini, Sourabh Budhiraja

A Fuzzy Based Approach for Clustering in WSNs
Ramakant Sharma, Sourabh Budhiraja

Efficient broker scheduling in Cloud Computing
Simi Gupta,

Comparative Analysis of Pixel Based Motion Estimation with Block Based Motion Estimation
Akhil Mahajan, Deepak Kumar

Control and simulation of static condenser
KamalKant, Rajesh Choudhary

Performance operation and Control of EHV Power Transmission System
Munish Gandhi, Rajesh Choudhary

FACTS Modeling and Simulation in Power Networks
Gourav, Rajesh Choudhary

Voltage stability analysis using generic dynamic load models
Ankit Rana, Rajesh Choudhary

Impact on strength of concrete properties using polymer (polyethylene terephthalate) with super plasticizer
Abhishek Gupta, Aman Sharma, Vivek Verma, Bhupinder Singh

Implying p-Cure algorithm in case retrieval stage of the case-based reasoning
Apurva Mittal,

Retrieving roughly tangible image from contaminated impulse noised image using fuzzy logic
Sheetal Kharab, Dr. Shelly Garg, Kapil Sachdev

Feature Recognition from Histogram and Eigen Algorithm in Digital Image Processing
Sonali Sharma

Comparative analysis of three models to improve channel propagation for indoor mobile network using different constraints
Pinky Devi, Dr. Shelly Garg, Kapil Sachdev

Design And Implementation of Efficient Path with Error Detecting Scheme in WSN
Er.Sourabh goyal, Er.Harsh Aggarwal

Quality circle approach to vertical belt elevator in agro industries
Anurag Sharma, Dr Rajkumar

Improvements in vertical belt elevator with the help of quality circle
Anurag Sharma, Dr Rajkumar

Microstrip Antenna Array with I-Shaped DGS
Amandeep Singh, Vikas Sharma

An Evaluation of MRF-Segmented Objects in Varying Illumination Background

A Modified Full Search Block Matching Algorithm with Reduced Number of Search Positions per Block per Frame

Analysis of torque control in SRM by Neuro-Fuzzy SMC
Atul Sharma

Performance of Hybrid MPPT control in PV Grid inverter
Harmeek kour

Effect of Scalability and Mobility on MANET

Review of Highly Ordered Anodic Porous Alumina Membrane Development
Deepak Mankotia, Y.C. Sharma and S.K.Sharma

Studies on Characterization and treatment of industrial Waste Water near Dera-Bassi area (Pb) in Ghaggar River
Shailender Sharma, Dr. Menka bhasin, Dr. R.N. Prasad

Use of Marble Waste Dust Powder Partially Replacing Cement in Concrete
Abhilesh Kant Sharma, Jainender Sharma, Vivek Verma

Merging clustering for improved case retrieval stage of the case-based reasoning
Komal, Charu Pujara

Efficient Load Balancing and Resource Scheduling for Optimizing Cost and Execution Time Using ACO-A*Algorithm
Priyanka Chauhan, Ritu Bansal

Distributed Framework for designing improved supply chain management system
Deepthi Sehrawat

Developing enhanced coordination between agents of MAS
Deepthi Sehrawat

Analytical Study on Hierarchical Reinforcement learning through Neural Network
Akshat Agrawal

Impact of Work Life Balance on Employees – A Study on Constraints & Cope up Strategies
Dr. Suresh Chandra.Ch, Ms.Manupati Kalyani

Kaluza Klien Particle as Dark Matter Candidates
Rakesh Sharma

Kaluza Klien Particles Channels for Dark Matter
Rakesh Sharma

Naari Disha: Atit and Partamaan
Renu Bala

Future Perspective of Ion Implantation: A review
Preeti Chhokkar

Cloud Computing: A State-of-the-art Computing Environment for Library Services
Dr. Tabasum Maqbool

Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Gender Perspective
Dr. Rajender Kumar











































































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