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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 5 Issue 1 March 2018

A Review on Software Cost and Effort Estimation Techniques for Agile Development Process
Manju Vyas, Amit Bohra, Dr. C.S. Lamba and Abhilasha Vyas

Estimating the Effect of Noises over an Efficient Image Steganography Algorithm Based on Intensity and Path Adaptation
Sumeet Kaur, Savina Bansal, R.K. Bansal

Aadhaar Thumb: One Platform to all Services
Ramneek Kalra, Roma Verma, Chitra Nasa

Tools Used in Data Analysis: A Comparative Study
Anmol Bansal and Dr. Satyajee Srivastava

A Classification based Predictive Cost Model for Measuring Reusability Level of Open Source Software
Divanshi Priyadarshni Wangoo and Archana Singh

To Study the Pollution Data of Past Years and Predict the Values of Certain Pollutants Using the Equations Formed By Trendline
Mayank Sehdev, Shailesh Saini, Gurmeet Singh, Keerti Jain

Spatiotemporal Data Analysis for Flood Risk Assessment in NCR India
Sharma, A. and Mishra, S. K.

Smart Traffic Rule Violation Monitoring System
Ankit Kumar, Sandeep Rawat, Abhishek Gaur and Alina Banerjee

Quality Management in Educational Institutions
D.K Singh, Ayush Trivedi

Important Issues in Supply Chain Management and Development
Siddharth Choudhary, Swadhin Kumar Nayak, Abhimanyu Malik, D.K. Singh

Enhancement of Cloud Security and removal of anti-patterns using multilevel encryption algorithms
Utkarsh Gupta and Mrs. Shivani Saluja and Mrs. Twinkle Tiwari

Can Bad Bank be a mean for managing NPAs in India?
Dr. Sushma Verma, Prof. Lalit Bhole

Quality of Information as Predictors of Employer Turnover Intentions: A Study of Information Technology Industry
Subash Chandra Pattnaik & Rashmita Sahoo

Diversity of Diatoms in the Rivers of Telangana
Y.Seeta and P. Manikya Reddy

Jamming Attack – A Survey
Kirti Sharma, Shobha Bhatt

Technological Trends in Optical Fibre Communication
Ekta Hooda and Jagriti Gupta

Review Report on VHDL (VHSIC Hardware description language)
Amit Grewal

Immunity based Intrusion Detection System using Probabilistic Dendritic Cell Algorithm
Ved Prakash Sharma, Rajdev Tiwari

A Modified AODV (MAODV) against Black Hole attacks in MANETs
Ujjval Jain, Ravikant, Jogendra Kumar

Evaluation of Attacks using different Parameters based on their performance
Monica, Lalita Luthra

Li-Fi: The Emerging Technology and the green avatar of Wi-Fi
Sheetal Singh and Arti Vaish

Review on Audio and Video Steganography Techniques
Gunjan Chugh, Priyanka Gaba

Hindrance Awareness in WSN
Lalita Luthra, Monica Batra

Scrutinizing Big Data using Machine Learning Classifiers
Ashu Jain, Soumya Jain, Charul Dewan

Big Data Analytics in Health Care: A Literature Survey
Neha Sharma, Arvind Panwar, Urvashi Sugandh

Comparative analysis of MEAN stack and MERN stack
Sanchit Aggarwal, Jyoti Verma

Modern Web-Development using ReactJS
Sanchit Aggarwal

Online Identity Verification
Akshit Tyagi, Subrat Kumar Sahoo, Lakshay Katarmal, Meghali Gupta, Lalita Luthra

Security Sensitivity in Big Data
Shipra Varshney, Ekta Jain, Nishi Sharma

Child Safety System using RTLS
Priyanka Gaba, Gunjan Chugh

Object Detection Algorithms: A Brief Overview
Parth Joshi, Chirag Sehra

Review of Effects of Cell Phone Radiations on Human Health and its Possible Solutions
Kamal Singh, Devraj Gautam

Analysis of Machine Learning Methodologies in Big Data Applications
Vaishali, Sonika, Manu Narula, Tanvi Dhingra

Test Case Generation-Review
Shikha Rai

Quantification of Dynamic Metrics for Software Maintainability Prediction
Dhyanendra Jain, Ashu Jain, Amit Kumar Pandey

Technical Survey of Face Detection Techniques
Sukaran Golani, Shubham Jain, Suraj Sahal, Tanvi Dhingra

Technical Survey on Object Detection Methodologies
Deepanshu Wadhwa, Devina Shah,Utkarsh Maharana,Tanvi Dhingra

Text Extraction From Digital Images
Manu Narula, Neha Chawla, Anurag, Sagar

Image Classification Scheme for the Salient Region Extraction
Amit Kumar Pandey, Dhyanendra Jain, Ashu Jain

Review of Image Compression Techniques
Sunny Arora, Gaurav Kumar























































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