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International Journal of Recent Research Aspects IJRRA ISSN: 2349-7688

Volume 2 Issue 4 December 2015

Ethics at Workplace
Dr. P. Vanishree Sah

Case on Employee Retention
Dr. Rajinder S.Aurora

In-Vitro Antibacterial Study of Fagonia Cretica
Majid Iqbal, Najeeb Ullah, Muhammad Ibrahim, Muhammad Usman, Abdul jabbar

Study of Electromagnetic Pulse Attack on Electronic Circuits and Hardening Strategies
Sandeep Kumar, Sukhwinder Singh

Conceptual Versus Technological Inspiration: Reflections on Designing in the Age of Democratised Information
Stephen T.F. Poon

Theory X & Theory Y
Dr. Vidya Hattangadi

A study on financial performance analysis of the select Paper Company with special reference to Tamil Nadu Newsprint and papers limited
Dr. P. Megaladevi

Innovation in computer aided garment designing
Vishal Trivedi

Analysis of Transmission Line Using Impedance Parameter under Fault Condition Using MATLAB
Vinod Nandal, Kamal Kumar Sharma, Rajesh Choudhary

The Art and Science of Re-framing in Conflict Resolution
Dr. Farida Virani

Expatriate Management - India

Disaster Management Awareness Among Teachers In A Town Of Haryana Shivaliks: A Case Study Of Morni Hills
Mrs. Minakshi

Distribution and Diversity of Euglenophyceae in Saroornagar Lake, Hyderabad
K T Padma Priya, Y Seeta and P Manikya Reddy

Expert system for evaluation of school
Sangeet Kumar, Kavita Kaura

GSM Based Link Monitoring Of Distribution Transformer
Mian Muhammad Kamal

Multilevel Mischief- A Myth or Reality
Richa Sethi, Ashish Chhimpa, Dr. Shobha khinvasara

"Pattachitra"- a traditional hand painted textile of Orissa
Akanksha Pareek & Prof. Suman Pant

Solving Optimization Problem By Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Using Hill Climbing In Replacement Operator
Ginni Chawla, Ms. Yogesh Bala

Enhanced Zone Routing Protocol to evaluate performance over MANET
Diksha Jamwal, Kamal Kumar Sharma, Sharad Chauhan

Grid and web services: Dependent approaches
Sangeet Kumar

Extended Common fixed point theorem for multi-valued mappings in complex valued Metric space
Arti Mishra and Nisha Sharma

Common fixed point theorem for Chatterjea-Type Contractive mapping in Complex Valued Metric Space
Arti Mishra and Nisha Sharma

Study on Smart Wheelchair based on Microcontroller for Physically Disabled Persons
Sandeep Kumar, P. Raja

Mobile Augment Reality Sign Recognition System
Mian Muhammad Kamal, Noman Khan, Syed Jafer Shah, Syed Sikander Shah

Development of Intelligent Robotic System for Scouting and Surveillance
Mir ABM Jakir Hossain, MD. Sajjad Ali

Investigation Of Parameters Influencing AL6351 Surface Finish And Material Removal Rate By CNC Wire EDM
Chetan Bhardwaj

Unicast Frame Aggregation with Heterogeneous Destination
Bharat Bhushan Naib, V.R. Singh

Study of Requirement of Automated Testing
Shweta, Nikita Nain

Performance Comparison of Destination Sequenced Distance Vector and Optimized Link State Routing Protocol using Tracegraph
Tamanna, Nikita Nain

Rate Adaptive Unicast Frame Aggregation
Bharat Bhushan Naib, V.R. Singh

A Hybrid Approach to Increase Efficiency and Performance of WSN
Anchal Sharma, Seema Singh,Akhil Mahajan

Impact of Inquiry-based teaching model on Academic Achievements in Social Science subject of 9th class student of secondary Schools located in urban area
Priti Kumari, Dr S.K. Arora, Dr. Shruti Tiwari

Analyzing the mechanisms used in Integrity Checking of Message in Public Cloud for establishing data security
Dr. Vivek Jaglan

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Anju, Amit Ahlawat

A New Method for Image Steganography Using LSB and MSB

Finding Optimal Tour Length of Mobile Agent in WSN by using a hybrid of Minimal Spanning Tree and Midway Range based Method
Anil Kumar Mahto

Competition Law & Anti-Dumping Duty : An Indian Perspective
Rajnish Jindal

Freedom of Speech and Expression or A right to Abuse?

A Study of Competitive Anxiety among High And Low Achiever Female Football Players of Haryana, India
Manoj Goel

Offence Relating To Miscarriage
Bhupender Kumar/p>

Gender Injustice in India: Myth or Reality
Keenu Goel





























































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